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(c) FRIEND MARRIAGE -  This is a special marriage where the bride does not go out of her house.  The male goes to her house  in the night or meets with her in a hotel and have sex with her, after which she goes back to her home. In this relationship the woman does not have any legal maintenance from the man.  In most of the cases the woman demands a certain amount and gets it in advance. 
(e) MISFAR   –   (Foreign study and Business Trip marriage) Misfar refers to a deceptive marriage  contracted by a Salafi for sexual gratification so that a woman may cohabit with him for the period he is visiting a foreign country. These women are formally divorced after a short period that ranges from a week to a month.  It is natural that most of these women who fall victim to this kind of fake marriage come from deprived backgrounds, and  have very little say in the matter. 
Misfar is a deceptive marriage undertaken by  Saudis/Salafis  who go to study in foreign countries.   In Misfar, Salafis marry local women but never disclose their true intentions.  Once their studies are over or their businesses are accomplished, they dump their  wives and children born out of these fake marriages and go back to their countries. without a trace.  They use these women physically, emotionally and many a times financially since they save themselves the trouble of finding accommodation or facing the financial burdens on their own.  Many Fatawa by Saudi Scholars  in this context are available on official websites like Bin Baaz.
Shaikh Kalbani, proclaimed this fatwa after receiving an email from an overseas Saudi male student studying in the ‘West’.  The Saudi student, who is married and living with his wife, claims that he is worried about controlling his desires when he sees ‘Western’ females wearing seductive semi-naked clothes that arouse him.
He goes on to ask the Shaikh if it is OK to marry one of those women in a ‘Misfar’ marriage, which means marriage based on travel, because he claims that he can’t fight temptations and also accuses his wife of being frigid.
The old Shaikh Kalbani posted on his own website his fatwa that permits Saudis marrying Western women with the intention of divorcing them when they are finished with them  without the pre-knowledge of the women of their deceitful plan.  
Meaning, the Imam has given green light to Saudi overseas students and traveling businessmen to use women as disposable containers to relieve themselves sexually.   Watch the following video clip.
One of the prominent Salafi scholars of recent times, Shaikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baaz  (1910-1999) who was Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, also gave a similar Fatwa (available in Majmua Fatawa wa Maqalat Mutanawwi’ah – 16  Volumes).
Ibn Baaz used to sell cloths with his brother in his childhood and early teens.  By the time he was 16, (1927) he lost his eyesight and became completely blind within 2-3 years. He remained blind till his death in 1999 . 
Ibn Baaz is one of the three  worst innovators of recent times ( the other two being Naseeruddin Al-Bani  (1914-1999) and Ibn Uthaymeen an-Najdi (1925-2001 ) whose leadership,  policies and influence had crippling effect on Islamic Sharia and Muslims Society in the whole world.   
It is reported that in 1990 someone asked Shaikh Ibn Baaz the following question.
Question: I heard one of your fatawa on audio-cassette in which you permitted marriages in foreign countries where the man marries with the intent of divorcing his wife after the termination of his employment or student visa. What, then, is the difference between this type of marriage and an invalid temporary marriage? What should he do if his wife bears him a daughter? Should he abandon her in a foreign country with her divorced mother? I am in need of clarification.
Salafism is not Islam.  Salafis openly allow indiscriminate physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and financial rape of women by so many deceptive ways devised by them to exploit poor hapless women all over the world.   
Arab News reported on March 8, 2015 that single women, after their divorce, are throwing lavish parties to celebrate end of their marriages. Just like weddings or graduation parties, these events are being held at the fanciest halls, with large amounts of money spent on hosting friends and family.
The guests of Divorce parties are obliged to turn up with expensive gifts for the happy divorced woman. This is a new phenomenon in Saudi society, says Tariq Habib, a professor and psychiatrist, and assistant secretary general of the Union of Arab Psychiatrists. Read more.
Saudi Gazette, newspaper also reported about the  increasing trend of Divorce parties in Saudi Arabia.  Fatimah Mohammad said celebrating divorce carries a dual message: a celebration of ridding oneself of a husband’s oppressive and abusive behavior and expressing joy at the end of a failed marriage.  Read more.

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