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Large-scale deportations and population transfers (surgun) accompanied the jihad campaigns of the Arabs, Seljuk and Ottoman Turks, and Safavides (Iran) (Bostom p 626). The practice removed recalcitrant groups, populated depopulated areas caused by Muslim attacks, and brought Muslims into areas to give support eg Turkmen from eastern Anatolia were moved and used as jihad warriors against Hungary and Austria and they were moved into Cyprus, Greece, and Serbia to help control Christian populations. Muslims were moved into Albania.
Unending Dhimmitude for the conquered people: (see articles on dhimmitude this site including laws)
Initially in some areas, vassals were used but eventually direct Ottoman rule generally occurred. There were constant battles and uprisings (see date list part H). Conquered people lived under the repression of Islam’s dhimmitude law and this continued into the 19th (or later) century. Many activities, occupations and trades were forbidden to Christians (Bostom p 66). In Sarajevo in 1794, the Serbian Orthodox church warned people not to sing anywhere as the village was Turk! (Bostom p 68) Efforts by European powers to moderate the abuse of Christians and other non-Muslims, was met with stern resistance (eg 19th century). In Islam, non-Muslims cannot be equals with Muslims.
The Greek revolution of 1821 was the culmination of the resistance to Muslim Ottoman domination which was:
“characterised by economic spoliation, intellectual decay and cultural retrogression. restrictions of all kinds, unlawful taxation, forced labour, persecutions, violence, imprisonment, death, abductions of girls and boys and their confinement to Turkish harems, and various deeds of wantonness and lust. they defied every sense of human decency. (Vacalopoulos in Bostom p 69-70)
Efforts by European powers to abrogate the Ottoman dhimmi system weren’t implemented in any meaningful way between 1839 and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after WW1. It was noted that Muslim Turkey still regarded others as inferior and the fanaticism of the early days continued. The 1860’s reports by British consuls (pals with Turkey!!) in the Ottoman Empire, reveal the continuing persecution of Christians, massive discrimination and judicial ‘imbalance.’ The Tanzimat reforms (1839-1876) were false eg the repressive, inequitable ‘poll tax’ was simply replaced by a new tax at a higher rate for non-Muslims! (Encyclopaedia Britannica V 13, p 786 which also notes that ‘reforms’ were ‘signed’ at times when Turkey needed European support- see part H). Turkish dhimmi laws may have been revoked on paper at the end of the 19th century, but the religiously supported attitudes and practices remained. The reforms failed because of Islam:
“the intense Muslim feeling which could sometimes burst into an open fanaticism. the innate attitude of superiority..Islam was a way of life. it prescribed man’s relations to man. and was the basis for society, for law and for government. Christians were therefore inevitably considered second-class citizens in the light of religious revelation. summed up in . KAFIR, which means unbeliever or infidel with emotional and quite uncomplimentary overtones. Familiar association with heathens and infidels is forbidden to the people of Islam. equality was not attained in the Tanzimat p eriod (1839-1876) nor after the YoungTurk revolution of 1908.” (Roderick Davidson in Bostom p 73-74)
Any attempt to emancipate the dhimmi people or claim equality resulted in extreme violence with massacres across the Ottoman empire –Turkey, Balkans, middle-East, into Africa eg Bulgarian massacres 1876; Armenian massacres 1894-1896, 1909 and outright genocide during WWI where possibly 1.5 million perished. The Balkan wars of Independence (1912-13) and the defeat in WWI halted Ottoman aggression and dhimmitude for the conquered people (but it begins again today in Turkey!).
In Bosnia (and the Balkans in general) in the 19th century extreme discrimination against Christians remained –the honour, property or lives of Christians weren’t safe and the law didn’t protect Christians (Sookhdeo p 268)
1876: Ottomans’ massacre the Bulgarians: Modern Bulgarian historians estimate 30,000 murdered, with 3,000 orphaned children, thousands of Bulgarians imprisoned or exiled and 60-80 villages destroyed and another 200 hundred plundered and 300,000 livestock (cattle, sheep, goats) and countless personal goods taken as ‘booty’ from a defenceless population long exploited during centuries of oppressive Ottoman rule. A 1986 analysis found that the Ottomans seemed aware of the possible uprising and sent a variety of Muslim fighters not only against the rebels but against ordinary, unarmed civilians. Reports (1876) note that girls and women were stripped, gang-raped and usually killed, people were burnt alive, children ‘spitted’ on bayonets, pregnant women ripped open and their unborn baby killed. (Bostom p 664-666)(see detail with eyewitness reports in date list part H.)

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