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On the way to the port, the friend picks Julli up in his cab. The driver looks over to encourage the sleepy Finns: So what if you spent some money. You experienced some of life’s greatest joys.
Arriving at the ferry terminal, the duo head for the bar. The return to everyday life always scares Julli a bit.
Tomorrow I will lie down at home with a hangover and I’ll regret coming here, he said. The kids will come over in the evening.
How To Bang A Finnish Girl In Helsinki.
Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh created ROK in October 2012. You can visit his blog at or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
1. Stay in an apartment or hotel in the Kamppi area of Helsinki. This is the part of town with all the bars, clubs, and restaurants. It also has the train station. I stayed in City Koti apartments.
2. Starting on Tuesday night, go to Millionaire Klub, known locally as Milliklubi. It is right across the street from the train station. The address is Brunnsgatan 12.
3. Drink alcohol. The locals drink copiously so you should too.
4. Approach girls and run nice guy game that I taught in Don’t Bang Denmark. Don’t be arrogant or overly opinionated. Don’t stereotype or generalize. Don’t talk about feminism or gender neutrality. Thankfully, Finnish girls are much more likely to let you slide for “being American” than a Danish girl would, but nodding game is still important. Ask questions about her culture instead of making strong statements. A good act to play is that of a confused tourist who is really curious about Finnish culture.
5. At the end of the night, invite the chick you’ve been talking to back to your crib. Have sex with her.
That’s it. I went to a few clubs but when it comes to getting laid with the least amount of effort, Milliklub was the best. It’s not even worth mentioning the other clubs. If you are failing in Milliklub (don’t see how you would unless you’re not putting in the effort), then go to Lady Moon bar right next door. – Dialog mit der islamischen Welt.
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Prostitution is a taboo subject in Arab countries. “Much Loved” – the film about sex for sale in Morocco by Nabil Ayouch, attempted to break this taboo. The movie was screened at the Cannes Festival in the spring of 2015, but was banned in Nabil Ayouch’s homeland Morocco. Tunisia was the first Arab nation to screen the film in November and levels of public interest have been high. The film was awarded the “Grand prix” at the film festival where it was screened.
Tunisia is currently the only Arab country where sex workers – in “maisons closes”, or brothels – are still tolerated and not forced into illegality. They can apply for a licence for their work, although they are subjected to strict monitoring by the morality police.
At the “Dream City” festival in November 2015 the artist couple Laila Soliman/Ruud Gielens (Egypt/Belgium) created an installation in Tunis on the issue. During an extended stay in Tunisia, they carried out research into the subject of prostitution and drew on their findings to develop the installation “Grande Maison”.
Sidi Abdallah Guech: one of these notorious “milieus rouges” is located in three narrow winding alleyways in the old town of Tunis. Only men – and of course the women who work here – are allowed to enter.
A scale model of the area stands on a table inside a house in the district of Beb Menara. The audience enter the house just like punters enter the cul-de-sacs of Sidi Abdallah Guech. Photos are not allowed, indicates the guard on the door. He requests that mobile phones are turned off. Guests are received by the smiling “patronne”, the brothel manager, who assigns us a room. The door is slammed behind us. There’s no sex worker here, but a historian presenting facts about Tunis’ red light district.
In 1942, the Tunisian government legalised the status of sex workers as “fonctionnaires” – or civil servants and since then the state has collected taxes and supervised the women. And it does this very stringently, says Belgian artist Ruud Gielens. The everyday lives of these women are regulated to such an extent that it could be described as almost total control by the state, he says.
“The state is the pimp, so to speak; the women’s bodies are at its disposal.” The prostitutes? freedom of movement is severely restricted: if any of them leaves the small neighbourhood without a permit, they lose their licence. They are also not allowed to do any other job on the side. They can only take time off for menstruation.
A life on the periphery of society.
The women have to undergo a health check twice a week to prevent the spread of STDs. They are tested for HIV once a month. For the artist Laila Soliman, despite all the criticism of the rigid working conditions that give the workers few rights but many obligations, this is one advantage over working illegally. “The men have to use condoms; the police are always present and protect the women against violent attack. The health provision is good,” she says.
But nevertheless, life in the brothels is anything but rosy. The sex workers may have their own income, but they are socially isolated. Most people look down on them, although some are accepted by their own families.

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