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3743. Ndoa za haraka huishia majutoni. EM n27.
Marriages contracted in haste end in regrets.
"Later when each gets to know the other more, one or both of them will regret marriage." EM.
Marriages are made in heaven.
God arranges the marriages. Therefore don’t blame yourself if you don’t find whom to marry. SAM.
3745. Ndugu muwi afadhali kuwa naye. F.38.7; T.413.
A bad brother is far better than no brother. F.
It is better to see well with a bad relative.
One day that may be useful. KA. Cf. #1546.
3746. Neno la talaka, silo la dhihaka. RSP.42.
A word of repudiation must not be lightly pronounced. Cf. #1523.
3747. Nimechoka wacha tu, nipumzike. MM.
I am tired, just stop it, let me rest.
A woman telling her husband.
3748. Nyoka akiingia nyumbani, hukimbii na kuihama nyumba. EMn23.
If a snake enters the house, you do not run and vacate the house.
The meaning is that if a bad person wants to cause confusion and misunderstanding in a family, the family should find a way of removing that person. EM.
Hairs, hairs, may they be plenty.
Refers to the view generally held that many children are a blessing. JK.
3750. Ongoa [ongoza] mtoto njia ipasavyo. NGU.
Guide the child in a rightful way.
3751. Pambo la nyumba ni mwanamke asiyenung’unika. EM p1.
The non-complaining wife is the decoration of the house.
Such a woman will be able to comfort others.
3752. Pasipo mwanaume, nguzo ya nyumba, nyumba itavunjika. KB.261; AL 984.
Without a son, the pillar of the house, the family dies.
Male descendants perpetuate the line of the family.
3753. Pendo za mwana zi matakoni mwa nina. T.456 V.53; SACL.684, 965; AL 932; KA.
The happiness of a child is when its mother’s desires are satisfied.
Father’s love for a child disappears when the mother dies. T. Father’s love for the mother disappears when the child dies. KA.
Matakoni (Kigunya dialect): for matakwa : desires.
Pendo la mwana liwa magoni kwa nina. L.86; AL 931.
The love of a child is on the lap of the mother.
The affection of a child is gratified on mother’ lap. L. The child is not loved until the mother finds satisfaction with her husband. AL.
Nina , common in Bantu dialects, or mama yake : his or her mother. Magoni (Kimvita dialect) for miguuni : on the legs.
3754. Pikia mzazi nawe upate tonge. AL, pikia ; AL 1077.
Cook for the woman in child bed, so that you also may receive a mouthful.
Receive a favor in return.
3755. Radhi ya baba na mama ni ufalme wa dunia. REK.
The blessing of father and mother is worth an earthly kingdom. Cf. #451; #1559.
3756. Radhi ya mama tamu. AL 1009.
Mother’s blessing is sweet.
3757. Radhi ya wazee ni bora kushinda mali. JKP.
The blessing of your parents is better than wealth.
Respect and obey your parents first. JKP.
3758. Radhi za wazee ni fimbo kubwa kwa mwanadamu. SAM.21.1.
A parent’s blessing is a great stick [help] for a person.
The appeal of the dance has a producer.
To continue a work until it is finished a supervisor is needed.
Listen, listen, spoiled the household.
Listening to gossipers breaks the relationship of man and wife. AL.
3761. Sungura akizeeka humnyonya mamaye. REK.
When a hare gets old it sucks the tits of its mother.
3762. Tangulia kijakazi, uzuri unakungojee. AL 444.
Go ahead young maiden, good life is waiting for you.
Parents take good care of their daughters until marriage. AL.
3763. Teke la kuku halimwumizi mwanawe. F.45.3; L.94; B.2.20; H.101; MS.163.
A hen’s kick does not hurt her chick.
Used when parents chastise their children.
3764. Tembo hashindwi na ulezi wa mwanawe. NGU.
The elephant is not burdened by rearing its young.
3765. Titi la mama litamu, jingine halishi hamu. Shabaan Robert, Pambo la lugha , p.27.
Mother’s milk is sweet, no other ends desire.
Applied by Shabaan Robert: No other language is so sweet as one’s native tongue, nor does it satisfy as well.
The belly [of a woman] is like a garden.
3767. Tunda haliozi juu, ila ugenini tu. AL 879.
A fruit does not rot high up [in the tree], except when abroad.
Among relatives one shares willy nilly.
3768. Ucheshi wa mtoto ni anga la nyumba. F.45.1.
The laughter of a child is the light of a house.
3769. Uchimvi wa kizibao ulichimba shuka. AL 890.
The bad luck of the blouse, caused harm to the loincloth.
The abuse of one member of the family is offensive to the whole family.
Uchimvi : bad luck, ill omen.
Chimba : dig, harm, cause trouble. Cf. #1465.
3770. Uchungu wa mtoto "u katika nyonga" ya mama yake. J., nyonga ; B.2.53; KB.298, uchungu wa mwana. ya nina .
The pain of a child is on the mother’s hip.
Women often carry a child astride on the hip. The mother knows the pain of her child.
3771. Uchungu wa mwana aujua mzazi. F.45.2; L.95; T.565; KS, uchungu ; V., uchungu .
The pain of a child is known by the parent.
The labor of childbirth is known to the mother. F.; T.
Only a mother knows the sorrow of her child. L. Cf. #512.
3772. Udugo wa upanga si mzuri, afadhali udugu wa kisu. AL 913.
Fraternal relationships of the sword [machete] are inferior to those of the knife.
To understand this proverb one has to understand the difference between knife and machete. The machete is single edged, the African knife is double edged. A marriage that only cares for their inner circle of relatives [a machete] is not as good as that of a knife, i.e., caring for the in-laws.

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