Dick grab his

Dick grab his
And when bar closes at 2am = no bar fine, but I only took advantage of that a handful of times.
i wanna to fuck in thailand with soappy massage girl.
bar girls seem to be the best deal.
Best Bang for your buck yeah.d.
holy fuck! when you guys come to my country… all of you are only thinking about fuck a girl? wtf.
No we think about other stuff buddy. This is just one article of one thought of many thoughts.
sorry for my bad english but i’m from thailand… and all of you know that thai ppl is pretty lazy.. so i’m not really good at english.
you’re english is fine.
An inntglileet answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change.
The comment Thai brothel workers with reference to Indians was uncalled for…..I know there are arseholes lots of them but please do not paint all Indians with the same brush… love your site BTW….top of my list is the go go scene…
Lol worked as a Bartender for many years, had friends that,we’re servers for many years and Ihave to agree, 99% of Indians are cheap and NEVER tip! Just plain fact.
Do they do girl on girl ?
Thank you so much for your interesting paper.do you know which city in Thai is better for pleasure with girls and cheaper.
If you want cheap head to Pattaya.
forget thailand. INDONESIA is going to be the next sex destination. a 8/10 girl 25age around for just 800bht full night including room or in any hotel you stay.
How can we get white american girl for sex in thiland,pattaya,bangkok?
and what she coasts?
and can we bring her at hotel?
No! Its Thailand, surprising to some perhaps but its full of Thai people.
There are some Russian girls in Pattaya but I believe they are very expensive.
Yep I sure see a whole lot of Thai people in Thailand….. Duh…
Can i get anal and oral sex there with white american girl….
Not in Thailand!
Can i get anal sex with thai massage girl….
plzzz reply.with explanation..chris…
All depends on the girl, you can always ask before you get the massage if she says no pick someone else.
who the hell wants a loud mouthed we rule the world America girl when U can have a choice of so many polite Thai girls with their famous Siam smile.
Yes – just bring your Mom!!
Anal sex is possible with thai massage girl….
not all bus a lot.
will i get to fuck any european origin i mean caucasian girl in bangok ?? it colud be anywhere from west like russia or mexican brazalian any one .
Yes, I heard about bars with Russian girls in Pattaya Walking Street. Theirs prices are much more expensive then prices for Thai girls (around 5000 baht). Most of theirs customers are Arabs and Indians (they like Russian girls, i don’t know why).
Sergey I used too live in Russia long time)) I met many girls nobody ask me monies her to stay to me –Russian woman go Thailand crazy sell itself to pig beggar Arab))) I would never touch any woman been with such cultures, and Indians?? they the last card in the pack— race of beggars.
Most those races just beggars I cant understand why any decent Russian woman would sleep with such pigs its amazing !
in Australia woman not walk same side of the street as beggar Arab type cultures! I would not either ! just beggar barbarians !
You are a bigot Stevo56 the ass-man, You are racist this much. dubai is full of Russian hookers and they are making tons of money, more than you can imagine what would they do with cheapo.
Where are you from Stevo ,you are a racist pig, arabs and indians don’t need to beg they have lots money ,and if you have lots money yourself maybe you should take english classes as your spelling and english is awful.
You only an ignorant; generalizing is a sign of a racist who should not be on a webpage like this, shame on u. The only reason is envy for the privileges we have that no matter what u do, never gonna get. Be decent and say something useful otherwise shutup.
don’t say a bad word about Indians you motherfukin asshole racist pig son of bitch.
To Be Honest – I was talking to a Thai girl the other day and she said shed rather fuck a pig than an Arab..Just saying!! Her words not mine!!
that is because arabs know how to fuck, they dont drink vodka and keep their dicks up all night long, the proof is that arabic countries are full of russian whores, send your mother and we’ll send her back with a smile ( thats if she wants to go back )
if thats what U want then go there not Thai.
interesting informations, so please tell me, how i can make contact with a bangkok university girl for sex without money aspect….
Pretty much anywhere in Thailand.
it is a very useful information, since i will be bangkok for the first time of my life,
and you know the situation in there is quite unstable. So is that any chance of the night life would be affected or not. And is that possible for me to ask you guys in private?
I’ll be in Chang Mai for a week.. where do I go to find good girls or massages with extras? thanks..
Should really check out the VIP section on the website all details are in there.

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