Double Penetrated Bitch Babe

Double Penetrated Bitch Babe
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Here, for your amusement is the transcript of my conversation with ‘Kimberly’ (I’ve tidied up the grammar and spelling a bit to make it readable).
Kimberly: Hello, how are you? Can we talk so that we can have some fun?
Peninsularity: Sure, why not!
Hehe. Yeah, why not. How are you?
Yeah, good thanks. It’s too early though. lol… What do you do here Kimberly?
I am social escort here.
Just wondering. Nice pics of you, by the way.
Hope I can meet you and taste your xxxx.
Hahaha, wow, that was fast. Sure, sounds like fun. lol. What do you charge, Kimberly?
Baby, but I can meet you only once. You pay my manager for booking me.
Hmmm. Only once eh? That sounds unusual. What is your charge?
Hope you will send to my manager, so that I can taste your xxxx.
lol Ok, focus, Kimberly… what is your charge?
I dont have charge. You only send to my manager the payment booking, ok?
Your charge means, how much is the cost?
35 for 2 nights (USD $95)
Wow, that sounds good!
Yes. So you will able to send to my manager?
Then after you send to my manager I will tell to you the instruction how you will meet me, ok?
That sounds great!! You’ve left out some information though… like, who your manager is, and how to pay.
On western union of course.
I will give you details of my manager for you to send on western union the payment.
Are you sure? You will send to my manager?
Yes, of course. Because this doesn’t sound at all like the dodgiest, most poorly executed scam I’ve come across all week.
So tell me are you serious.
Of course I’m not serious, hehe. I’ve heard this routine does work on some people though… or so many of you guys wouldn’t be pulling this scam all day every day. Sad thing is, I even know a guy who fell for this one!!
Ok yes, I am serious. I want to meet you… and have some fun!!
Baby I never scam anyone, cause I’m honest ok.
I never cheat anyone who serious to have fun to me.
That’s good. I totally believe you.
Thank you. So if you send to my manager thank you.
Hmm tell me. I want to know if your serious baby.
Oh dear, this is really dreadful stuff. I’m also guessing that a real escort wouldn’t play it this desperate, by the way.
Sure I’m serious! Lets have fun!! hehehe.
So you will send today? Tell me.
Ok. Sounds good! So, what are the details?
Send your payment to name : LEO RIVERA address; 411 MANILA PHILIPINES zip code ;1123.
Ok, thanks! …and after I pay, you will tell me where to meet you?
Great! When are you available for an appointment?
So you will send today? After you send I can meet you, ok?
Ok, I will send today. When are you available to meet?
I’m always available.
Wow, that’s great! Is that because you don’t actually exist, or because you’re just really bad at your job? hehehe.
What time you will send today my love?
If you had actually read or understood any of my part in this conversation, you’d know the answer to that question long ago.
Ok then …I think, in about 4 hours.
Baby can you reply my question.
Just did, twice… but my answers were conflicting.
What time over there?
Hahahaa. Seriously? It’s 7.20am.
Ok good morning. I eat my breakfast already.
You’re brilliant. Thanks, this has been really entertaining. Got to go to work now. Thanks again! lol.
How can I know if you send already? Hope your not like others, only promise and never do it.
Don’t worry, your manager will let you know.
Hmm I can let know first then I will let know to my manager.
Sure, that sounds reasonable.
What time I will wait you? I hope your honest and serious.
Don’t worry. Your manager will take care of the money. You don’t have to wait. I’m as honest and serious as you are… baby. lol.
As I said, you need to inform me first so that you can give me the mtcn and amount and I can give to my manager ok? Tell me baby.
Um… ok, I don’t know what mtcn is… and by the way, what is it this manager of yours does, if anything? Anyway, I think this one is done. Thanks for your time though. It’s been fun.
Where are you? Im waiting at you. May I know if u will able to send?
I’m several time zones away, remember? …where you’ve forgotten to be pretending to be. lol. I really think you shouldn’t wait. Cheers.
My chat with Kimberly did continue for a bit after that, but it just got increasingly repetitive and desperate. Anyway, you get the idea.
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