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One of my foreign friends told me that a friend came into Trinidad this past week and he sent her a text to say that he just landed in the “Red Light District”. She did not know what he meant, and did not know that we had a “Red Light District” in Trinidad. I had to explain.
As I have mentioned on many occasions before, the father of modern day psychology, Sigmund Freud, posited that culture nurtures conscience, because culture sets downs the rules of our behaviour, thoughts and beliefs: what we say, do, do not do, how we dress, what we eat, and what kind of houses we live in, rules everything about our existence. Now parents, you have to explain to your children what and where is a red light district. Here is another challenge for you among so many that already exist.
I “googled”. I know that many adolescents who are techno-savvy can “google” and find out what it is. Parents, you better “google”, too. Your ten and under-aged children will ask and I know that confusion will reign. You will have to find the words. Maybe, you can say “that is a place where there are no children, it is a place for adults only and as you grow older we will have a discussion about this”.
For your teenagers who should know by now about the dangers of sexual activity, you will have to introduce them to new words. prostitute and prostitution. Discuss careers and how some people earn their living and how some people spend what they earned, and the reasons for this choice. You can also use this opportunity to discuss with them the need to pay more attention in class, improve their grades and focus on a brighter future, abstinence, the fact that other people take advantage of others who are vulnerable.
Parents, I really feel your pain with this one. I also do hope that this piece of music is not played at any of our children’s Carnival events. I can only hope. Do any of these DJs really care? They keep saying “we have to give the people what they want, so allyuh deal with that”. We are in a protection-of-children mode these days, and all citizens should be on board with this, even our culture messengers. I chose not to use the v-word which rhymes with “culture”.
A New Type of Criminal Is Emerging.
By Linda E. Edwards.
The Laventille Hills east Port of Spain area earned a reputation, deservedly or not, for high crime against persons, drug involvement, gangs, knife fights and shootings and so on, and for years, army and police units have focused on east Port of Spain in an attempt to stamp out “crime”. People are still dying there at a high rate, higher than the norm for the country. Central however, is emerging as the SEX crime capital of the country, for crimes against children.
Going just a bit further back, we had Amy Anamuthodo and Sean Luke, and a bit further back still, the five year old child who was being used as a prostitute by men in the village, Central again.
I want to go back to the 1980’s when the video “Shattered Lives” was made. That movie, and its glaring light on child sexual abuse, came about as the result of a girl in Central committing suicide because of repeated sexual assault by her father, and she not having anywhere to turn. I remember well the concern on the faces of businessmen who attended the initial meetings of the project. They were very uncomfortable with the situation, and recognized that something had to be done. There was a sense of urgency about them.
The committee had talked of getting police officers sensitized to this sort of crime, of working closely – police, social workers and the business community to do something about these horrendous cases. Some of that may be seen now in police and judges responses to reports of these crimes.
The businessman charged in the recent ‘father and son’ case of abuse against a relative must have been in his early twenties, and his young son a mere tot when that video was made.
Something has happened to this place, something that has eroded the societal values that most people used to subscribe to. We seem to have gone from aberration to something closer to standard procedure. A frightening situation if ever there was one. In Central, the number of mandirs, temples and churches seem almost to rival the number of houses. Yet, the morality of no sexual tampering with your daughters (The Shattered Lives Case), and not having intimate relations with children seem to stand entirely outside the religious experience.
It is troubling also, that in this section of the country, people seem to know what is going on, and hardly do anything about it, until a glaring case that cannot be ignored hits the headlines. Central is also the place where the Santa Maria Hotel is operated. The owner was charged with bringing in prostitutes from Venezuela for the satisfaction of his customers. The women were just deported. All the men who patronize the place must have known this. Such a place can adversely affect the moral climate of the whole area.

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