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InViolet: You unabashedly post the delicious food you cook on Facebook and make the rest of us feel jealous. Is cooking a big passion for you?
Jennifer: It is. I feel better when I eat food that I’ve cooked. I’ve always loved cooking. Feels like a creative hobby for me.
InViolet: We spent time at meetings and our company retreat working on your beautiful, complicated play, Ruin. Word on the street is that you’re adapting it to become a novel. Can you talk about that?
Jennifer: First I stole the title from another play My Grief is Golden and True and that is the name of the fiction project inspired by Ruin . I was intrigued by the characters and wanted to take a deeper look. Everything is tweaking and changing. Certain dynamics and characters that can exist well in the play need to be expanded to sustain in a book. I was first inspired to write it after seeing Chan-wook Park’s film Stoker. My play was sort of a response to it. I think one can write in many styles, but some of us have strengths. I think my strengths are in examining gritty, darkly comic, realistic personal dynamics. That is what I am diving into.
Jennifer: Well, I’m five chapters into My Grief is Golden and True (14,000 words!) and am taking another fiction class at Sackett Writer Workshop where I studied (and started) My Grief this fall. My general goal is to get a draft of the novel out by July. But I’ve also learned one needs to find the balance between being disciplined and flexible. If it doesn’t happen, it means I need more time. But I will do my best to read books that inspire me and carve time out to write, and hopefully the magic will happen.
InViolet InFocus – Dan Domingues.
Versatile actor Dan Domingues (he plays female serial killers! unrepentant assholes! aggressive life coaches!) talks about his obsession with horror films, his love for his A.R.T. classmates (and fellow Invi members) Nurit, Gerry and Marguerite, his latest show at Abingdon and his new podcast!
InViolet: How do you identify in the theater world?
Dan: I identify as a theater actor. I love rehearsal, I love tech, I love opening nights. I love sharing a show with a different group of people every night. It still seems like magic a little bit to me. I still have yet to find the comfort and sense of excitement on a film and TV set that I do on a stage.
InViolet: Give us the skinny on your InViolet journey so far.
Dan: Well, I’ve been an official company member for about 9 months give or take but I’ve been excitedly circling InViolet for about two years. Marguerite Stimpson and Gerry Rodriguez invited me to an InVi Christmas party a while back and that introduced me to who and what InVi was. My first event as a company member was a One Night Stand play written by the incomparable Bixby Elliott where I got to play a female serial killer and that was a thrill.
InViolet: Have a favorite InViolet memory you can share?
Dan: I loved seeing the full productions Branched and Sommerfugl because they were so fully realized. You get used to seeing shows in NY with a lot of ambition but perhaps not the talent or resources to pull it off. Both Branched and Sommerfugl were so impressive because from the bottom up, there wasn’t a weak leak. Great acting, impeccable technical elements, a passionate audience base — I knew I was watching people who cared about what they did and would stop at nothing to realize it.
InViolet: Last year you tore up the stage in J. Julian Christopher’s The Locusts Have No King at INTAR (also featuring InVi member John Concado). We had a little row of InViolets there to see you one night and we lost our minds with how good you were. What was that whole process like?
Dan: Having InVis there was very special to me. They are the MOST supportive group of people. And thank you for the kind words. Yes, we loved doing that show. But we were terrible to John. In the play, he was the character that got the most abuse and that bled into our offstage relationship. The thing is John is just THE sweetest guy — he has an openness and an eagerness to make every moment count and the rest of us were jaded old bastards so he was easy pickins.’ But that play had a wild journey. It was originally going to happen in the fall of 2014 but was canceled. A year and a half later, Lou Moreno of INTAR (another gem of a guy, just love him) put it back in the season. We lost our original director and several actors but got the genius young director David Mendizabal, John and the beautiful Liam Torres on board and the rest was a joy. It was a dream to work at INTAR — a rite of passage for any Hispanic actor in NY — and our playwright J. Julian was wonderful. I was grateful to be in that show because the guy I played was an unrepentant asshole and that’s not something I get a chance to play often.
InViolet: You have a thing with horror movies, huh? Or perhaps just horror posters? You often put horror movie posters on the social media. You seem like a relatively peaceful guy, so what’s up with the love of gore?

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