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De Silva learned about sex early. “Drinking and sex were the most important things,” she says. The Sokolovskys moved to America when Inna was 12, first settling in a Coney Island project, then moving up-island to Massapequa. In the eighties, after a failed marriage, Inna hit Miami’s South Beach, where she married a Brazilian surfer — the eponymous De Silva — and sold wholesale travel packages to fashion photographers. In 1990, Frances Grill, founder of Click Models, gave her a job as a booker.
The young Russians who now began heading for New York could talk to De Silva — in their native tongue. “Inna would tell them that the agency was interested, and they would just arrive,” Sukhanova recalls. “Imagine a girl from Moscow or a little town — she is in New York at the airport, and she’s like, ‘Oh, I have no ticket back.’ So Inna had to bring them here and try to give them jobs. And I guess when they didn’t work, I don’t know . . .”
De Silva would arrange visas and get the Russians tested by photographers. “They were very attractive girls of a certain kind, attractive enough to look like models in dark clubs,” says Grill, who called them “Almosts.” Her son, Joey Grill, who runs Click with her, thought of them as “Inna’s private test board, working little jobs.” Then he adds, “Apparently, they were going out on other jobs too.”
16 Arrested In Prostitution Sting.
HOUMA, LA – More than a dozen men have been arrested in Houma and charged with Soliciting for Prostitutes.
Houma Police have wrapped up a two-day undercover sting.
“I think that’s horrible, and I think it’s a good thing that they picked them up,” neighbor Tin Raffray said.
Word of the prostitution sting is traveling fast in Houma.
According to police, scores of men are turning to looking to trade cash for sexual favors.
This weekend some got more than they bargained for.
When they showed up at a local hotel to meet the woman they’d contacted online it ended badly.
“When they ended up at the location, when the individual agrees to pay for the sexual favors the officers go in and make the arrest,” Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis said.
On the first day of ‘Operation Scoop Up’ nine men were arrested for Soliciting for Prostitution.
No sympathy from Tina Raffray.
“They got what they deserved,” Raffray said.
Investigators say, in recent months street-level prostitution in Houma has been on the decline.
But after this weekend’s arrests its clear on-line prostitution is up.
The second day of the sting ended with seven more arrests.
Luke Naquin applauds police efforts.
“I think that great, catch them in the act,” Naquin said.
In all police arrested 16-men who allegedly planned to pay for sex.
Police describe the suspects as a wide range of individuals, of all ages, and ethnic backgrounds.
“It’s people with jobs; good paying jobs that we’re finding were involved,” Chief Duplantis said.
‘Operation Scoop Up’ may be over, but Houma Police vow to do more to clean things up.
“I think that’s a good thing,” Raffray said. “That should have been done long ago.”
Houma Police also arrested a female during the sting.
She’s accused of running a similar on-line operation.
Girls for sale: Indramayu’s prostitution production line.
One region in Indonesia supplies a hugely disproportionate number of the country’s prostitutes, many of them in their mid-teens. Michael Bachelard visits Indramayu to ask why so many families are selling their daughters.
SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link “Cash cows”: Nur’Asiah, a sex worker in her room in Indramayu, West Java. Photo: Eka Nickmatulhuda.
Son is the pimp from central casting. Dressed in black skivvy and pants, he’s boastful and loquacious with a chunky gold ring and “Barbie Girl” for a phone ringtone.
He claims he no longer works in Indonesia’s thriving sex industry, but then extols his judgment as a purveyor of girls.
“Men like a body like a guitar,” he says, appraising the form of my companion and Good Weekend photographer, Eka Nickmatulhuda.
Until last year, Son worked as a “channeller”, supplying village girls from the Indramayu region of West Java to the brothels of Jakarta and Sumatra.
“If a family wanted to sell their girl, they’d usually come to me and say, ‘Can you help my daughter? Can you take her?’ ‘Okay, what do you want?’ I’d say. ‘We want a house.’ ”
Son would then tell the parents if their desires were realistic: “A pimp can see if the girl is pretty enough, how many guests she will get per night. It’s as simple as that.”
SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link Class action: A teacher and pupils at a school run by anti-trafficking NGO Yayasan Kusuma. Photo: Eka Nickmatulhuda.
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The parents would get a loan and their daughter would pay it back with her labour, usually over 2 to 3 years. “They are like a cash cow, but they need to work hard,” Son says.

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