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Police say they are releasing information on people who are convicted of soliciting a prostitute in an effort to reduce the demand for commercialized sex trade.
The following men were arrested and convicted:
Gunnar Burton of Pueblo, 50 years old, arrested 01/15/2015.
Andrew S. Gieck of Colorado Springs, 33 years old, arrested 01/30/2015.
Randell H. Chappell of Colorado Springs, 39 years old, arrested 01/30/2015.
Corey A. Marette of Colorado Springs, 37 years old, arrested 01/30/2015.
Cameron J. Jones of Colorado Springs, 26 years old, arrested 01/30/2015.
Terry N. Talbot of Pueblo West, 47 years old, arrested 01/30/2015.
The Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado (HTTFSC) said this “John shaming” is the first serious step to end the demand.
For April Thompson, seeing the mugshots–and one in particular–was very shocking.
I have [KKTV 11 News] liked on my Facebook page and so I was going through and I saw [the post about the convictions], and I saw my son’s father on there,” Thompson said.
She said she had no idea her son’s father had committed this particular crime. Now she’s glad CSPD is releasing these criminals’ names and photos.
“I totally agree with that, I definitely agree,” Thompson said. “Had that not happened I would not have known my son’s father was involved in something like this and I find it wrong for a child to be around something like that. So to me, it has helped in some sense because now I can be the mother I need to be and protect my son from that kind of thing.”
In November, 11 News anchor Betty Sexton sat down with a woman who had been working at a local massage parlor. She says she was forced to do whatever the client wanted.
“Ninety-nine percent was all sex, it was prostitution, it was human trafficking. I mean this it was all stuff that I didn’t know,” the victim told us.
When she realized what was happening, she called 11 News and told CSPD. The owners of the massage parlor, Wanpen Boodpraserpeisal and her husband Nugool, were arrested and charged with human trafficking and pimping.
Several other law enforcement agencies across the country have been “John shaming” for some time.
According to the HTTFSC, human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.
People convicted of solicitation of prostitution get pictures on Facebook in Colorado Springs.
People convicted of solicitation of prostitution get pictures on Facebook in Colorado Springs.
Photos from the Colorado Springs Police Department via Facebook.
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Colorado Springs Police Department is now posting pictures on Facebook of people convicted of solicitation of prostitution.
The first set of pictures has six men, ranging in age from 26 to 50. The posting on Facebook includes each man's photo, name, age, city and when they were arrested.
"The Colorado Springs Police Department is dedicated to combating Human Trafficking and working for the best possible outcome for the victims of this crime," Police said.
Officials said that one way to reduce demand for commercialized sex is to publicly release the customer’s information.
"It is our sincere hope that this will result in a reduction in victimization of Human Trafficking," police wrote on Facebook.
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Trading prostitutes for homeless.
Undercover cops shift focus from Nevada Avenue to downtown panhandlers and bicyclists.
A n undercover police team skilled at nabbing drug dealers and prostitutes at work has focused its attention lately on a different breed of lawbreaker: illegal skateboarders and people who let their dogs run without a leash.
The stealthy officers also are apprehending quite a few homeless people, said Colorado Springs police Detective Olav Chaney, who is part of the team.
“We’re hitting the transients so hard that they’re getting very frustrated,” he said.
In January, the three-person Police Accountability Service Standard team, an undercover arm of the police department’s vice and narcotics unit, began cracking down on bicyclists who ride on sidewalks, people who urinate in public, drunks, panhandlers and other such nuisance violators.
The effort represents the latest crackdown on people who commit minor crimes in the downtown area. As a result of complaints from the Downtown Partnership, an organization representing merchants, the team that previously patrolled vice-laden stretches of South Nevada and Platte avenues was reassigned.
The change is evident. The team made 96 prostitution arrests in those areas last year. So far this year about nine prostitutes have been busted, Chaney said.
“Downtown has its issues,” he added. “They’re frustrated there and they wanted the help.”
The detectives declined to let their faces be photographed by the Independent, but invited a reporter to follow them as they worked last week.
The officers wore T-shirts, blue jeans and sneakers. In unmarked cars, they cruised Tejon Street and Cascade Avenue, speaking to each other on radios, looking for scofflaws.

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