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“It is impossible to fight the sex trade if you are participating in it,” said Penny Harrington, the former Portland, Oregon, police chief and board chairwoman of the National Center for Women and Policing. “Men in uniform who feel that it is fine to utilize the services of prostitutes, first of all, should not be in uniform, and secondly, cannot possibly deal with the issues of human trafficking or drug dealing or abuse of women because they believe that it is OK to participate in all of that.”
The issue was considered so serious that in 2011 the International Association of Chiefs of Police drafted a report recommending that departments create written sexual misconduct policies to stem the frequency of sexual assault and harassment within law enforcement.
Few departments have followed the recommendations, experts say. The only relevant Oakland policy in its employee manual involving sex and residents is the prohibition of sex while on duty.
Even that basic tenet has been violated, according to lawsuits, reported crimes and the young woman at the center of the Oakland scandal who goes by the name Celeste Guap. The allegations have led to the departure of three police chiefs, retirements and suspensions of several officers, and multiple criminal investigations.
“This is not unique to Oakland. What I’ve learned is some departments are more problematic than others … and some units within a department are more problematic than others,” said Tim Maher, a criminologist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and a leading expert on police sexual misconduct. “Sexual misconduct has been a problem for a long, long time, and it continues to be a problem.”
Former Oakland police Chief Howard Jordan said that in his 25 years with the department he can recall six officers fired or prosecuted for their involvement with prostitutes.
“Those are just a small fraction of the people that are out there doing their work,” Jordan said. “99.99 percent of them are doing an honest job under very difficult circumstances. They are just as embarrassed and ashamed of the few officers that are tarnishing the badge.”
Jo Violet says she runs an East Bay escort agency with a dozen law enforcement officers as clients, even two mayors. The 48-year-old, who goes by her activist name and lobbies for the legalization of prostitution, said half of the sex workers she knows have a cop or law enforcement member as a client, and she’s had judges and prosecutors use her services.
“It’s a very, very common thing. They often tell you up front that they are a cop to calm you down and say, ‘Look we’re not here to arrest you,’ ” Violet said. “They are just normal human beings.”
One 33-year-old San Leandro sex worker — who advertises her services on Backpage.com, a site popular with prostitutes — said her clients include police, federal agents, an internal affairs officer and members of district attorneys’ offices.
“Whether they wear a badge or a construction uniform, the money is the same,” she said, estimating she can make $1,000 a day from her hotel room.
Even when officers are purportedly enforcing sex laws, the interactions can be inappropriate, some say. Jane, a Bay Area sex worker, said she got caught in a 2007 sting operation by a Bay Area police agency, and a group of officers ogled her as she was naked, commenting on her looks, calling her the “best one so far” and saying she reminded them of the girl from the movie “Flashdance.”
From a neighboring room, she said she watched on the police hidden camera as an officer performed oral sex on the next prostitute who entered the sting room.
“It was disgusting. I was appalled,” she said, of the officer’s conduct. “And this is routine in sting operations for there to be sexual contact.”
Long before Guap told her story, Oakland police had garnered headlines for sex misconduct.
One of the more egregious cases involved Oakland officer Gary Romero. A prostitute named Rory Keller-Dean filed a lawsuit in 2000 alleging Romero forced her to repeatedly engage in sex with him over a two-year period, sometimes in Romero’s patrol car and other times at her home in the presence of her elementary school-aged daughter. Once, she said, Romero forced her to perform oral sex on other officers.
She said she complied with Romero’s demands because he threatened to have her daughter taken away, but finally decided to report him. When the city settled the lawsuit in 2002 for $350,000, it acknowledged many of Keller-Dean’s allegations were true.
Romero, who was fired in 2000, admitted to having sex with the woman but said it was consensual and off duty. He was never prosecuted.
Keller-Dean, who left sex work behind long ago, said she came forward to retell her story to show support for Guap.
“I saw it on the news and it made me sick,” Keller-Dean said in a recent interview. “It’s never gonna end. It’ll never stop. They’ve got to arrest somebody.”

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