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In regards to family life, the primary factors in making children vulnerable to sexual exploitation were poverty and family violence. Various risk factors come into play, including: a record of previous sexual abuse, running away, staying on the street, paternal neglect, abused mothers, and the consumption of drugs and alcohol.
According to UNICEF-Costa Rica, child sexual commercial exploitation is considered to be a severe violation of children and adolescents, and it is recognized as a national problem that manifests itself through the sex trade, trafficking, and child and adolescent pornography.
Moreover, it must be remembered that the boys, girls and adolescents engaged in prostitution are always the victims and the fault lies with the adults who exploit children.
Child Prostitution: A Growing Scourge.
W. E. Gutman , The Panama News, Tegucigalpa , Vol. 10, No. 7, April – 17, 2004.
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A REGION OUT OF CONTROL – Costa Rica is fast rising as the hemispheric capital of sex tourism. According to Casa Alianza , more than 3,000 girls and young women work in San Jose ’s 300 brothels. Commercial sexual exploitation of minors in Costa Rica is said to draw as many as 5,000 tourists a year. Most children who succumb to prostitution do so before they turn 12.
Child Prostitution a Growing Problem.
Nefer Munoz, Inter Press Service News Agency IPS, SAN JOSE , 16 March 1999.
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"Because in Thailand and other countries in Asia, there are now increasing restrictions on sexual tourism, many of the tourists who looking for this vice, are now coming to Central America and other parts of Latin America ", he says. The government, however, is aware of the issue and has taken measures to combat the problem. Airliners bringing tourists to Costa Rica now carry printed warnings that it is illegal to engage minors in prostitution.
Prostitution Is ‘Dark Side of Tourism’
Serge F. Kovaleski , The Washington Post, San Jose , January 2, 2000; Page A17.
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David, a stocky, unkempt man who insisted that only his first name be used, boasted of how he had arranged for one of the many taxi drivers connected with the sex trade to bring a 13-year-old girl from her parents’ home in a poor San Jose neighborhood to his hotel. The girl’s mother and father asked for $400 for use of the girl, which David said he eagerly paid.
Costa Rica ‘s Principal Child Pimp Arrested.
Casa Alianza / Covenant House, 10-13-2003.
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Sinai Monge Munoz, 41, was arrested on Thursday evening after a successful sting operation in the Hatillo 3 suburb of the capital of San Jose after two young girls were delivered to undercover police officers for sex. According to reports, at least 15 young girls – from 14 years old – were being pimped by Monge to scores of social and political "elites" who would pay US$ 300 to have sex with the under aged children.
Deaths Force Costa Rica To Fight Child-Sex Trade.
Frances Robles, The Miami Herald, San Jose , May 14, 2001.
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But finally, because hers was the second set of teen-prostitute body parts to appear along San Jose ‘s river banks, the government had to admit not only that Costa Rica might be teeming with teenage prostitutes, but also that someone might be stalking the girls.
Protection Project – Costa Rica [DOC]
The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies ( SAIS ), The Johns Hopkins University.
FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO THE TRAFFICKING INFRASTRUCTURE – Costa Rica ’s popularity as a tourist destination is linked with its reputation as a destination for sex tourists, many of whom seek to exploit children. The problem of child sexual exploitation has spread from San Josй, Costa Rica, to the coastal towns, where a large labor pool and growing cruise ship industry provide a large customer base. Other conditions allow this industry to flourish, such as an ingrained acceptance of sexual relations between men and underage girls, public corruption, and lack of money for the police and prosecutors. Investigations into sexual exploitation of minors used to focus on San Josй, but now they more frequently involve coastal areas, particularly Puntarenas and Quepos on the Pacific and Limуn and Sixaola on the Caribbean. There is less police control in these areas and much local corruption. The port city of Limуn is reported to have a child prostitution ring involving cruise ship crews and operators: intermediaries on the ships contact tourists interested in the sex trade and in having sex with willing young people. Investigations and studies have found that child prostitution and child pornography rings in Central America are linked and that they also have ties to groups involved in the drug trade and in other illegal activities.
Sex tourism: Lessons learned in Costa Rica.
Philip Wright, Producer, Child Rescuers, BBC News, 18 June, 2004.
[accessed 5 May 2011]
Ordinary Costa Ricans, from taxi drivers to hoteliers, are taking official tourism classes as part of the country’s latest attempt to stop the abuse of children by international sex tourists.

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