My nudist daughter

My nudist daughter
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Marriage story : One foreigner used the ‘marriage’ bait one time too many. Girls mother reported him, he was apprehended at Airport, spent 4 months in prison, when he finally agreed to pay P700,000 compensation and got out of jail. Not sure what the charge was, but dont go around fooling Filipino women, you could pay a heavy price for doing so.
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Away from Downtown Hunting for Sexy Ladies :В.
“Away from”, meaning …. not near old original city centre (Colon St).В Short taxi ride from downtown (Colon St) and/or Fuente Osmena (uptown) В :
Best thing is get taxi to Ayala (pronounced : Aa-yaa-lah) , any entrance will do, try your luck getting girls this way :
1. In the Dept Stores themselves try dropping off your cellphone number to an attactive shop assistant.
2. Walking around, see a nice one, smile, say hello and see if you can get her to stop. Invite her (and girlfriend) to a snack whatever. Take it from there.
3. Prop at any coffee shop, outside table, not inside shop, and see if you can get a nice one passing by to stop and join you at your table.
There are pretty ordinary street type hookers hunting for unsuspecting newbie type tourist guys at Ayala too. They will approach you. You can safely ignore them. Then there are attractive ones … you will have to take the initiative with the attractive ones. Update : Last trip saw some cute ones at Ayala. They dont walk around, they prop at a table and smile at you as you pass. Join them, buy a drink sus it out. Saturday night is possibly the busiest night. Beware of transvestites posing as women.
Overall, your chances of success will depend on your age and how you look, behave. Younger guys have more eye appeal but sometimes are too hard core. Phil girls do not like anyone approaching them or talking to them like they are hookers. A young guy who was sweet and charming should succeed in Ayala or any Shopping Mall in Phils.
An older guy (over 50’s and beyond) might find it a little harder. Depends on a lot of factors … sharply dressed ? smiley ? talks nicely ? Age is not such a factor in Phils, but young hot spunks might smile at an oldie but also might not let him pick them up …. peer pressure : )
Do not have too high an expectation when hunting in Shopping Malls. Same girl can more easily be had via dating webiste eg First she meets you online, you chat for a week or two, then you meet = your not a stranger, and she is not a “pick up”, in her, and her friends minds. “Oh I met him online”, they can say. Better than saying “He picked me up at the Shopping Mall” : )
Online dating sites :,, В ….. see below “Internet” info.
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Shoe Mart Shopping Mall В –
This is a Shopping Mall, just like Ayala above (see info above).
Same modus operandi as Ayala above, only I find girls here seem to be younger, less educated types. I doubt very much if they expect to be picked up at the Mall by a foreigner. Many are under age too. Better looking and right age (18-25yrs) girls at Ayala. Atmosphere different at SM too, not a “pick up” atomosphere : )
“French Baker” pastry shop is well known, but I have never ever picked up anything from there.
Perhaps there are more girls at SM, but pick up potential greater at Ayala, methinks.
Just say to taxi driver “SM” (Shoe Mart Shopping Mall), main entrance. And the modus operandi same as Ayala, above. Short taxi ride from Ayala.
Lots of Department Store girls at SM for you to approach, they are a better age range, than the ones walking around ‘shopping’. Girls walking around seem to be mostly under age, from poorer families. Not all, of course : )
Even so, SM is a “must see”, might just be for you : ) Try new North Wing entrance, outside tables, bit of a view, can drink , and maybe a nice chick will pass by : )
Other Shopping Mall possibilities :В.
Downtown shops in Colon Street are suffering from the competition of huge shopping malls like Ayala and SM . But, you have a better chance of a pick up in these downtown shops, especially with the staff, much better. But myself, I have gone ‘up market’ mentally and cannot suffer the working class scene of Colon St, and dirty streets etc. A new guy should have a chance in Colon St. Ayala and Shoemart are aloof by comparison.
Food Halls/Cafeterias : These have ‘meet’ (pick up) potential too. Buy something cheap and sit next to a cutie, strike up conversation. Gaisano Metro (downtown) has a large Food Hall on the 5th Floor. Potential ‘meet’, pick up place. Little or no foreigner competition here.
Unfortunately I am too snobbish nowadays for ‘downtown’ : )
Robinsons basement food hall, Fuente Osmena (uptown), lunch time, has similar limited pick up potential. For sure hungry eyes will check you out as you enter this area : ) Coffee Shop, near Internet Cafe, same building, is a slight opportunity for a Spider and Fly pick up too.

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