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Spain, the world capital of prostitution?
The Independent Online.
The Spanish economy may be dangerously close to meltdown this week but one area at least – prostitution – appears to be doing very nicely, thank you.
“Don Jose – cleanliness; Don Jose – discretion; Don Jose – security, and a patrolled car park,” half-whispers the calm female voice on a Granada radio station throughout the day. It is an advertisement for the city’s biggest and best-known brothel.
Cut to a Saturday night inside the said Don Jose “club” – three storeys high, flashing neon lights, two bars, a VIP zone and some 70 sex workers, clad in everything from nightgowns to G-strings to the very briefest of shorts – and, according to local regulars, business is booming. “The place is heaving every weekend,” comments “Alvaro”, an experienced brothel-goer in his late forties. “These days in the afternoons and early evenings, you’ll get businessmen who’ve told their wives they’re at meetings. Then later on, there are hordes of 18- or 19-year-olds, just there to have a laugh and, if they want, have a quick lay as well.”
This is no exaggeration. Prostitution is so popular (and socially accepted) in Spain that a United Nations study reports that 39 per cent of all Spanish men have used a prostitute’s services at least once. A Spanish Health Ministry survey in 2009 put the percentage of one-time prostitute users at 32 per cent: lower than the UN figure, perhaps, but far higher than the 14 per cent in liberal-minded Holland, or in Britain, where the figure is reported to oscillate between 5 and 10 per cent. And that was just those men willing to admit it.
To meet this vast demand, an estimated 300,000 prostitutes are working in Spain – everywhere from clubs in town centres to industrial estates, to lonely country roads to roadside bars, the last often recognisable by gigantic neon signs of champagne bottles or shapely females, flashing away in the darkness. And recently, on the French border, Club Paradise opened with 180 sex workers, making it the biggest brothel in Europe.
As the clubs get larger, the clients get younger. According to studies carried out for the Spanish Association for the Social Reintegration of Female Prostitutes (Apramp), back in 1998 the typical client was a 40-year-old married male. By 2005, however, the average age had dropped to 30 – and it appears to be getting lower. “The kids are going because they see it as a quick way of getting what would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco,” Alvaro says. “You’ve got the money, you choose the woman you want and it’s all over and done with.” His own logic is even more brutal: “I go when I don’t have a girlfriend.”
There is no single reason, though, why prostitution should be so popular in Spain. Historically it has long been seen as an expression of individual freedom – first as a pressure valve for the strait-laced family-focused environment of the Franco years (when prostitution was quietly ignored), and then consolidating itself after the dictator died. Then, as now, brothels would be listed in the yellow pages, albeit under the coy title of “nightclubs”, and nobody batted an eyelid. Among the young men of the Spanish provinces, even in the late 1980s, sleeping with a prostitute was no longer something you did as way of losing your virginity: it could actually be seen as cool.
In the 1990s, magazines such as Interviu, which prides itself on its investigative journalism, would think nothing of publishing “erotic guides to Spain”. Even today, all-male business dinners can end up in the local “club”. “Every now and then I have to take clients,” says one accountant who did not want to be named, “but it’s OK. They take credit cards.”
If the roots of Spain’s acceptance of prostitution ultimately lie with the sexual and personal repression of the Franco years, the most curious hangover from the sexual revolution is that, even today, most “‘serious” newspapers carry adverts for prostitutes. In the Madrid issue of one major national daily, 75 or 80 per cent of small ads are for prostitutes, offering all manner of services with prices from ¤20 to ¤200. Plans to eliminate the so-called “contact ads” appear to be on a kind of permanent hold, partly justified by the precarious economic state of Spain’s print media.
However, the underbelly of a trade which is legal in Spain but not recognised as an actual job is far from pleasant, with human trafficking constantly rearing its ugly head. In 2009 alone, Spain’s Ministry of the Interior detected 17 international crime rings involved in sexual trafficking in Spain. Between January and April of this year, according to the newspaper El Pais, the authorities identified 493 cases of women sold into sexual slavery.

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Gilbert from San Diego reminds us to be careful. " I never had any problem in Tijuana along the many years I have used to go there. 3 months ago I was robbed by the municipal police searching me for drugs. I made the mistake to carry $200 with me. I reported them to the tourist office and to the US consulate. But I still see them in the streets. I learnt my lesson. I now carry little money with me. " This is rare, if the story is true at all. Municipal police are there to ensure that Gringos are protected. Without Tourists, TJ is a just another dirty, desperate border town. $200 isn’t so much of a temptation. Maybe Gilbert forgot two zeros on the amount. You’re better off to have the cash in case you need it, and $200 is a minimal amount. Tourists are NEVER searched. It’s hard to know the complete story from hearing one side.
My name is Gringo Paul. I am the webmaster at I am 67 years old. I was in Tijuana on business. It was just after sunset and I went for a walk. A policeman called me over on a main street. I was dressed in clean casual clothes, and I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. My behavior was not suspicious in any way. He wanted to know what I was doing. He spoke English, I spoke Spanish. I carry pepper spray. He searched my pockets, and found the pepper spray. He said it was illegal. I said it wasn’t. (I recommend pepper spray for protection in Mexico. It’s legal, unlike carrying a knife. It’s also effective at 6 feet. You can disable 3 attackers before they can touch you. Put it in your luggage. They will confiscate it at the gate if you are flying.) He told me to get into his car and we’d go before a judge. I took a step back, clenched my fists and told him there was NO WAY I would get into his car. I was convinced he and his partner would take me to a lonely place, beat me and rob me. Better to be beaten on the street, in front of witnesses. He smiled like a wolf, and considered his options. Beating an elderly, sober tourist on the streets who had not broken any laws would require explanation. He told me to calm down. We negotiated for 30 minutes. I offered him $150 pesos. (The exchange rate that day was 20:1.) That was $7.50. He asked (in Spanish) why I was insulting him? I asked why I had to pay anything? I had done nothing wrong. The fucking asshole queer searched my pockets 4 times. It was just a negotiating tactic. I had to submit, or he could say I resisted a legitimate search.
In the end, he took $20 from my wallet and we both walked away. And. he gave me back my pepper spray. I wanted to ask him why he would give me back my protection if it was illegal, but I wanted even more for the situation to be over.
Here is how to avoid trouble.
Don’t take your car into Mexico. The cops will steal your car AND your cash.
Take a cab from the border directly to Hong Kong, Adelita’s or where ever you want to go.
All the clubs are within walking distance of one another. However, if you cannot see the second club, take a cab. It may only be around the block, but there are crooked cops waiting to rob you.
You are safe inside the clubs. The owners control the atmosphere, and they don’t want tourists telling tales of trouble. This safety ends at the curb. Have them call you a taxi.
I recommend pepper spray for protection in Mexico. It’s legal, unlike carrying a knife. It’s also effective at 6 feet. You can disable 3 attackers before they can touch you. Unless you are trained, pepper spray is the best protection. It was a Guadalajara police officer who recommended I use it. If you are flying, put it in your luggage. They will confiscate it at the gate if you are flying.
Macau (or Macao) is a special administrative region of China; a short ferry ride across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong. Unlike mainland China, it is considerably more liberal in its attitudes towards sex.
Prostitution is legal in Macau, although operating a brothel and pimping is not. The peninsula is largely seen as a getaway destination where the middle classes (and the filthy rich) of China get to blow off steam for the weekend. In 2007, the region overtook Vegas as the gambling capital of the world… and just like the rampant escort industry in Vegas… a swarm of adult services and vices has followed in to Macau.
In this guide, we will take a look at all things sex in Macau . We’ll look at the popular ‘brothels’ (fishbowls and saunas), as well as the prostitution scene, how to pick up ordinary girls, and what to expect from Macanese nightlife.
Browse our complete guide to sex in Macau:
Our complete Macau Sex Guide.
Attitudes to Sex in Macau.
Is it any surprise that attitudes towards sex are more liberal in Macau than they are in mainland China?

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