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10. Call girl – The client must make an appointment, usually by calling a telephone number. Call girls may work either incall, where the client comes to them, or outcall, many call girl agencies and independent call girls have their own websites. The internet has become the medium through which customers find their desired escort. Generally, a picture of the woman is provided, and sometimes, the type of sexual services she is willing to offer.
11. Institute of technology – An institute of technology is a type of university which specializes in engineering, technology, Applied Science, and possibly natural sciences. How the terms are used varies from country to country, the English term polytechnic appeared in the early 19th century, from the French Ecole Polytechnique, an engineering school founded in 1794 in Paris. The French term comes from the Greek ???? meaning many and ???????? meaning arts, the oldest German Institute of Technology is the Braunschweig University of Technology. Another exception is the Ecole Polytechnique, which has educated French elites since its foundation in 1794, in some cases, polytechnics or institutes of technology are engineering schools or technical colleges. Famous examples are the Istanbul Technical University, ETH Zurich, IYTE, Delft University of Technology and RWTH Aachen, in countries like Iran, Finland, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore or the United Kingdom, there is often a significant and confused distinction between polytechnics and universities. In the UK a binary system of higher education emerged consisting of universities, Polytechnics offered university equivalent degrees from bachelors, masters and PhD that were validated and governed at the national level by the independent UK Council for National Academic Awards. In 1992 UK Polytechnics were designated as universities which meant they could award their own degrees, the UKs first polytechnic, the Royal Polytechnic Institution was founded in 1838 in Regent Street, London. A number of polytechnics providing higher education is simply a result of a formal upgrading from their original and historical role as technical education schools. This is mostly the case in countries, where the education system is not controlled by the state. Mentz, Kotze and Van der Merwe argue that all the tools are in place to promote the debate on the place of technology in education in general. The aspects of this debate can follow the lines, To what degree is technology defined as a concept. What is the scope of technology discourse, what is the place and relation of science with technology. How useful is the Mitcham framework in thinking about technology in South Africa, can a measure of cooperation as opposed to competition be achieved amongst higher education institutions. Who ultimately is responsible for training and What is the role of technology in this. The Buenos Aires Institute of Technology is other important recognized institute of technology with renowned, 1970s–1990s During the 1970s to early 1990s, the term was used to describe state owned and funded technical schools that offered both vocational and higher education. They were part of the College of Advanced Education system, in the 1990s most of these merged with existing universities, or formed new ones of their own. These new universities often took the title University of Technology, for marketing rather than legal purposes, AVCC report The most prominent such university in each state founded the Australian Technology Network a few years later. 1990s–today Since the mid-1990s, the term has been applied to some technically minded technical, a recent example is the Melbourne Polytechnic rebranding and repositioning in 2014 from Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.
12. Air stewardess – Additionally, the job of a flight attendant revolves around safety to a much greater extent than those of similar staff on other forms of transportation. Flight attendants on board a flight collectively form a crew, as distinguished from pilots. The German Heinrich Kubis was the worlds first flight attendant, in 1912, Kubis first attended the passengers on board the DELAG Zeppelin LZ10 Schwaben. He also attended to the famous LZ129 Hindenburg and was on board when it burst into flames and he survived by jumping out a window when it neared the ground. Origins of the steward in transportation are reflected in the term chief steward as used in maritime transport terminology. The term purser and chief steward are often used interchangeably describing personnel with similar duties among seafaring occupations, due to international conventions and agreements, in which all ships personnel who sail internationally are similarly documented by their respective countries, the U. S. Merchant Marine assigns such duties to the steward in the overall rank. Imperial Airways of the United Kingdom had cabin boys or stewards, in the US, Stout Airways was the first to employ stewards in 1926, working on Ford Trimotor planes between Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Western Airlines and Pan American World Airways were the first US carriers to employ stewards to serve food, ten-passenger Fokker aircraft used in the Caribbean had stewards in the era of gambling trips to Havana, Cuba from Key West, Florida. Lead flight attendants would in many instances also perform the role of purser, steward, the first female flight attendant was a 25-year-old registered nurse named Ellen Church. Hired by United Airlines in 1930, she also first envisioned nurses on aircraft, other airlines followed suit, hiring nurses to serve as flight attendants, then called stewardesses or air hostesses, on most of their flights. In the United States, the job was one of only a few in the 1930s to permit women, two thousand women applied for just 43 positions offered by Transcontinental and Western Airlines in December 1935. Female flight attendants rapidly replaced male ones, and by 1936, they had all and they were selected not only for their knowledge but also for their characteristics. A1936 New York Times article described the requirements, The girls who qualify for hostesses must be petite, weight 100 to 118 pounds, height 5 feet to 5 feet 4 inches, age 20 to 26 years. Add to that the physical examination each must undergo four times every year. Three decades later, a 1966 New York Times classified ad for stewardesses at Eastern Airlines listed these requirements, A high school graduate,52 but no more than 59, weight 105 to 135 in proportion to height and have at least 20/40 vision without glasses. Appearance was considered as one of the most important factors to become a stewardess, in the United States, they were required to be unmarried and were fired if they decided to wed. The requirement to be a nurse on an American airline was relaxed as more women were hired.

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