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Yet men and women meet in cafes, in hotels, in nightclubs to negotiate la passe , or the price for a sexual transaction. In many cafes in the late afternoon, female prostitutes sit by themselves drinking tea or coffee, wearing leather or tight clothing and makeup, waiting for potential clients to approach them.
Abdessamad Dialmy, a researcher on sexuality and identity at the University Mohammed V in Rabat, says Moroccans are aware that prostitution exists in their country. “We know that we do that, but we don’t say that we do that, and we don’t want others to say that we do that,” he says.
Prostitution is prohibited by law in Morocco, punishable by imprisonment, Dialmy says. Still, the Ministry of Health financially supports public medical centers and nongovernmental organizations where anyone, including sex workers, can get anonymous HIV screenings and other services without being turned in to the authorities. Dialmy says the government allows prostitution because it is an answer to unemployment. “The state prefers prostitution over poverty,” he says. “The law is there, but it is not always totally applied.”
Souad sits with four friends in a dark corner of a small cafe in Tangier, smoking hashish and drinking Moroccan mint tea while some cater to their small children. Kayla Dwyer.
Though Souad has a bed to sleep in, she hopes that she doesn’t sleep in it. If she comes home, as she says she does most nights now, it means she won’t be earning money that night. Kayla Dwyer.
A majority of the women in the health ministry study said they are financially supporting at least one other person, often at least three others. Women who frequent cafes and public places, acting independently and without any sort of “pimp,” make an average of 200 dirhams, or about $20, per sexual transaction, according to Azzouz Ettoussi, president of the Rabat section of Organisation Panafricaine de Lutte Contre le Sida (Pan-African Organization Against AIDS), which is part of the Ministry of Health.
Some find clients only occasionally, perhaps to pay an electric bill or support a child’s educational needs. Ettoussi says there are also some prostitutes who attract a well-heeled clientele at expensive bars and nightclubs, men who can pay from 300 to 2,000 dirhams (between $30 and $200).
Though poverty and domestic abuse are primary factors driving women to prostitution, some Moroccan sex workers say they enjoy lives that are liberated and independent. Selma, 22, left an abusive father just six months ago in Sale. She supports herself through sex work with a wealthy clientele and says she enjoys her life, which consists of daily trips to a popular nightclub in the Hassan district of Rabat.
“Leaving my family and leaving home, I got a new punch, a new power,” Selma says, cigarette in hand as she sits in a cafe in an upscale neighborhood of Rabat. “No one controls me now.”
Selma is a devout Muslim, praying every day and going to the mosque. This is common among Moroccan sex workers, says Dialmy, the sex researcher. He says many have strong religious beliefs and feel a sense of guilt about their work, praying to God for forgiveness and hoping to go back to a “normal” life, one involving marriage and other work. Some use drugs or alcohol, like Souad who sometimes shares a joint with her peers in the dark corner of a cafe in Tangier’s old medina.
Abdel Issaoui, 24, a student in Tetuoan in northern Morocco, says many young men turn to prostitutes because they need to learn how sex works and they have easier access to sex workers than to Moroccan girls who are encouraged to be virgins. These same men often judge prostitutes as sinful and undesirable. Selma, for one, scoffs at this paradox, refusing to care what those around her think or say about her work.
“I feel strong to face the hypocrisy of society,” she says.
Alongside the dark seaboard of Tangier, where construction on a new port has torn down all but two discotheques on the shore—which means fewer clients for her—Souad stops in her tracks to give a few dirham to an injured woman begging on the sidewalk.
Lisbon: Old red light street gets a facelift (video)
This Lisbon district, built along the riverside in the city centre, was once an old haunt for sailors, drifters and prostitutes – but now Cais do Sodre is the newest most hip place to be in Lisbon.
Video: Magda Wallmont.
H ow can one of the city’s seediest districts rise from the ashes and turn into one of the hippest and trendiest places, where people now compete to find a table or room at the bar? Cais do Sodre managed it with a vengeance. This Lisbon district, built along the riverside in the city centre, was once an old haunt for sailors, drifters and prostitutes. Its narrow streets and dingy-looking buildings seemed to favour those living on the fringes of society, but without the arty bohemian types that are often drawn to such atmospheres. Its bars and discos named after famous ports of call around the world, were aimed at sailors docking in Lisbon for a short leave. Cais do Sodre ( cais means quay in Portuguese) was the real thing, where violence and danger lurked around every corner, with street fights and muggings and drunks sleeping it off in some dirty corner. It was as seedy as it gets.

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