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“If we can focus them somewhere then we can have a better chance of working with them and helping them,” said Lisa Armstrong, co-ordinator of the Social Health Opportunities for People in the Sex Trade.
“If we’re pushing them into places we can’t find them, how are we going to help them.” One suggested area tossed around the table involves the area around Fifth and Sixth Avenues and St. Paul Street – an area that’s well lit and in close proximity to the police station.
That idea didn’t sit well with Patrick Lindsay, the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association manager.
Once any suggestion is made of creating a red-light district in a specific business area, you may as well just close up shop, he says.
“That whole area will just shut down temporarily until a decision has been made.”
As for Mayor Mel Rothenburger, he says he’s uncomfortable the community is being forced to condone an illegal activity, but that prostitution is not going away.
“Unfortunately we have to live with the fact the act is illegal, but we have to accept it and deal with it.”
Great place. for a meth head or. – Howard Johnson Downtown Kamloops.
We went in mid February and were put in room 116 around the back next to the alley.
The room was very cold, smelled like B.O. and smoke (despite being non smoking). We found blood on the underside of the quilt on one bed and fecal matter (I assume by how it looked) on the other quilt on the second bed.
As we we left to get our money back, the door in room 117 opened and there were no less than 4 tweaked out meth heads inside all staring at us looking extremely paranoid.
A+++ if looking to hang with tweakers , prostitutes and dealers; not so cool for normal people of families.
The front desk person was somewhat pleasant and pretended to act suprised when we told him. We went to the thompson Inn and had a nice overnight stay instead.
Ex-Milwaukee cop pleads guilty to soliciting prostitution.
MILWAUKEE — A former Milwaukee police officer who was acquitted last year in a fatal shooting that sparked two nights of riots pleaded guilty Thursday to soliciting prostitution in an unrelated sexual assault case that could have sent him to prison for decades.
Under the deal with Dominique Heaggan-Brown, prosecutors dropped the most serious charges of second-degree sexual assault — felonies that by themselves carried decades-long maximum prison sentences if convicted. He pleaded guilty to three counts of soliciting prostitution and two counts of obtaining someone’s image without their consent and he pleaded no contest to one count of false imprisonment.
He faces up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced Feb. 20.
A trial was scheduled next month and the plea agreement means the victims won’t have to testify in open court, said Erin Michelle Karshen, a Milwaukee assistant district attorney. She said the victims were OK with the plea deal.
“These amendments save those victims from being publicly identified and most importantly from having to testify in a public courtroom but still provides what the state believes is an adequate prison exposure,” she said.
Heaggan-Brown, 26, was dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit with chains around his waist and feet and appeared relaxed throughout the proceedings. He spoke little besides answering the judge’s questions about whether he understood the agreement. He said no one was forcing him to plead guilty.
In June, a jury acquitted Heaggan-Brown for killing 23-year-old Sylville Smith after a brief foot chase on Aug. 13, 2016. Smith was armed, but prosecutors who charged Heaggan-Brown with first-degree reckless homicide argued the officer was unjustified in using deadly force because Smith was throwing his gun over a fence.
Heaggan-Brown’s attorneys, however, said their client made a split-second decision to defend himself. Smith was black, as is Heaggan-Brown. The shooting in the predominantly African-American neighbourhood where it happened stirred the long-held distrust in police by minorities in the city.
Police stood by Heaggan-Brown’s decision to shoot Smith, but Chief Edward Flynn fired him when the sexual assault allegations surfaced.
One of the sexual assault charges stemmed from an incident that happened one day after Smith’s shooting. The victim told police Heaggan-Brown assaulted him after a night of drinking at a bar where they watched coverage of the ongoing riots.
Using photographs and other data from the officer’s cellphone, prosecutors determined Heaggan-Brown sexually assaulted another unconscious victim in July 2016. Prosecutors say Heaggan-Brown also photographed that victim naked without the person’s consent.
Data from the cellphone also led prosecutors to charge Heaggan-Brown with soliciting prostitutes.
Man charged in deaths of mother, girl has record of trafficking, prostitution.
CALGARY — As the family of a slain woman and her five-year-old daughter struggled to come to grips with their “inconceivable and senseless murders,” details emerged Friday about the criminal record dating back 20 years of the man charged in the deaths.

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