Soil testing using the dynamic cone penetration Nude pics

Soil testing using the dynamic cone penetration Nude pics
I understand the article above was posted in 2014 and you stated that the last known case of HIV from legal Geyland CSWs were many many years back. But its near the end of 2016 now. Can we get updated info in these 2 years did any CSWs from legal houses in Geylang contacted HIV?
Hi Ken. I want to know as much as you do. Unfortunately, this kind of info and data is hard to come by. I have not heard any updates from MOH. However, I surmise that if there was a +ve case in the legal houses, there would be a big hooha about it.
I had a girl rub my penis very hard against her vagina though she was wearing a g string and her vagina against my mouth while wearing underwear! Can you tell me what risk I’m at please?
Theoretically speaking if there was contact of infected vaginal fluid with your foreskin or urethra, you are at risk of HIV. But from the way you described your exposure, I would guess that your risk is negligible.
I had sex with licensed sex worker in geylang with condom 20 days ago. I did oral sex (licking) to her around 5 minutes. I feel itch on my buttocks. Is possible to affect by any diseases.I am worried.
If you are worried, please see a doctor to discuss further. I think you did put yourself at risk of STD/HIV.
One week ago, I had sex with regulated CSW girl at a Gaylane brothel. I have protected and didn’t brake condom until completion sex.
My concern is i saw some blood on condom during sex. But I am not very sure it is bood or Just condom color a bit changes in red color because of lighting. But I know this condom originally is yellow color when she put it to my stick before we started sex.
While she on top me, base of my stick changed the red color because my condom is not fully cover until base of my stick. Then I quickly finished it and washed with water to my genital area. The problem is my tip of stick has small dented when I checked after reaching my home. Then the next day, I went down and see the girl again and asked her about her mendtrustion period. She said it is not yesterday and she has monthly medical checked. She also said that this is her 1st time in Singapore and she had pass medical checked before starting work and she started work on August 5. She also checked again on 25 August as per monthly schedule at Kelanton Road clinic. I took her ph number and keep in touch. She said that she is not working yesterday and today because she sick. I am also pain body and feeling sick.
My questions are.
1) if they are checking the HIV test monthly, what kind of test they use. 4th generation P24 or 3rd generation antibody test or normal? She said they have to pay about 65 $ for checking.
2) menstruction period, they are allowed to work ?
3) how safe these regulated sex worker are ?
4) I am too much worry now and what is my risk level ?
Thanks for your kind help to the people on this website.
1. I have not worked at the Kelantan Lane Clinic for a very long time. So I do not know what tests they are currently using.
2. As far as I know, there are no laws to forbid a CSW to work during her period.
3. I do not know how to answer this question. They get monthly checks. That is all I can say.
4. I also do not know how to answer this question. The fact is there is no such thing as 100% safe sex. I think that is obvious. Using a condom and visiting a legal CSW reduces your risk considerably but it would be naive to think that gives you a solid 100% guarantee that you will not get any kind of infection.
Hi dr, am feeling v anxious and would appreciate if you could ans my qns. I visited a massage parlour and received an unprotected handjob.during the massage her thighs touched my penis sparingly for split seconds. Her thighs felt smooth and I doubt there were open wounds. I checked her hands later and they were normal with no cuts or wounds. However I kissed her on the lips twice for like 1 second each time, dont remb tasting her saliva. Her lips looked normal with no sores. Any risk of std like hep b or herpes?
Also I forgot to add that my lips were a little dry, however when I checked there was no ulcers or open cuts or wounds in my mouth or lips, just a small little crack at the corner(which I’m not even sure is a crack). At the tiny crack, there was no blood, pain, and it didn’t feel like an open wound. Don’t think her kiss touched that part much. Any chance of hep b or herpes infection?
If she had Herpes on her lips (which most people do) then you can also catch Herpes by kissing even if you did not have any open wounds on your lips.
If you had herpes on your lips (which most people do), then you can give her herpes.
The risk of Hep B is negligible. Hep B is spread via body fluid. However, the risk of Herpes is always present. Herpes is spread via direct contact with infected skin. So in the event that she had an active Herpes infection on her finger (called a Herpetic Whitlow), you could catch it too.
Thanks so much Dr tan. Oh I have 2 more question.
1) I remember I kissed her on her clean shaven armpit and licked it. Might have tasted a bit of sweat, no blood was seen or tasted. Any chance of any std?

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