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Footage of a bargirl giving performing fellatio on a customer in Pattaya has upset a lot of people this week. Image via MCOT.
So it really should come as no surprise to anyone in Thailand that many women’s bodies have been, and still are, a commodity. But this last week it seems the nation was shocked by a moment of lewd candidness after a Thai sex worker in the city of Pattaya was caught on camera fellating her Korean John. The aptly named Pol.Col. Sukthat Pumpanmuang, superintendent of Pattaya Police Station, said that the couple would be charged with public indecency, as was reported by Khaosod. In the same story the director of a hotel association, Sanpetch Suphabowornsatient, said that a government response should be to campaign and educate people, “about the good culture and tradition” of Thailand. He added that, “Right now, Thailand is trying to promote the Thai way of tourism, and Buddhist way of tourism… Thailand is a Buddhist country, yet nowadays men and women express themselves in a way that causes damage to image of the country.” The offending bar was shut down for 10 days, and life in Thailand’s worst/best tourist destination, even though “tarnished”, goes on as normal.
Whether a cash industry should be equated with Buddhism is something all Buddhists might ponder. Even so, Thai tourism and those that profit from it have banked on Thai women being poor enough to become part of a diaspora leaving the fields and doing the epitome of physical work in the city, and the fact there are enough virile, and non-virile, tourists coming to abate their sexual frustrations. There is a niche, and Thailand, like many other countries, fills it. Let’s not pretend otherwise. The shock is not because something has happened that we thought didn’t exist, it’s because the worst kept secret, for a lurid minute, was captured on camera and has caused some folks to blush.
It’s commonly known, from Chiang Mai to Pattaya, that establishments breaking the prostitution law must pay heavy kick-backs to the local police. This is another of Thailand’s worst kept secrets. Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha has rhetorically stated time and again the need to address the moral fabric of the country. But what of the economic fabric of the country? A large percentage of the country’s revenue comes from tourism, and billions of that money is spent on sex tourism. Cracking down on women doing their jobs, often focusing on the meager foreign part of the business enterprise, only hurts the people at the bottom of the food chain. Thailand needs prostitution, as things are, because a lot of people are reliant upon it. Perhaps if a crackdown is deemed necessary, then it should not be a crackdown not on sexual morality, but on capitalist morality; a crackdown on the police cracking down; a crackdown on hypocrisy. Thailand must start to accept what it has become. Crackdowns and ethics rhetoric are facepalms to the real world. Prostitution was born out of poverty; if there’s anything that requires the great leader’s attention, it’s just that: lack of money for the majority. A paid-for blowjob is negligible in itself, but in the wider scheme of things, it’s a big deal.
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Prostitution In Nevada.
Wikimedia commons Boomtowns are known to pave the roads to red-light districts in the industrial Old West, but, in modern times, while states shut down establishments selling sex, Nevada decides to keep the profitable business model.
Today, it’s the only state to have legalized prostitution through brothels and there are 28 in business as of 2008.
With theories circulating that California may be next in legalizing prostitution, it seems brothel establishments won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.
Before prostitution was legalized in Nevada, it was already profitable in boomtowns most abundant in the West.
In 1937, a law was enacted to require weekly health checks of all prostitutes. Mandatory testing didn’t begin until 1986.
Prostitutes are required to be tested weekly for STDs and monthly for HIV and syphilis. Since 1988, condoms became mandatory for oral sex and intercourse with all sex workers. Brothel owners are liable if a customer becomes infected with HIV after visiting one of their prostitutes.
Since 1986, no full-time commercial sex worker has been tested positive for HIV.
While other states outlawed “red-light” districts, Nevada made a special section of the tax code for brothels in 1971.
According to state law, legal brothels can only exist in counties with a population of less than 400,000. In other words, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas.
In 1979, a state law prohibited the advertising of brothels in counties where it isn’t legal. Some brothels even advertise large parking spaces for truckers who want to stop by during their long drives.
Prostitutes must be at least 21 years old with the exception of Storey and Lyon counties where they can be the age of 18.
In Nevada, prostitution outside licensed brothels is a misdemeanor.
Brothels generally don’t have set prices, but they are known to be more expensive the closer they are to Las Vegas.

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